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First Surveyors Scotland
Ten of Scotland's leading Chartered Surveyors practices have formed First Surveyors Scotland to benefit all customers.
With more lenders and clients seeking a single source for their valuation requirements, it is clear that First Surveyors Scotland has an important role to play in providing a high quality valuation service throughout Scotland from a fully integrated network of local independent firms.


The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
RICS is the home of property professionalism worldwide. This is the information site for property professionals and users of their services. RICS is the worldwide property organisation, with over 110 000 members globally, dedicated to promoting excellence and safeguarding public interest in all property related matters.

The QSi is the professional body for those specialising in the financial aspects of construction and engineering. The QSi is a non-profit-making organisation. The QSi is a truly international organisation with a membership spanning the globe.

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